4 Things To Look For Before Signing An Apartment Lease

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If you're getting ready to move into your next apartment, you know that it won't be official until you have signed the lease. However, it's important that you fully understand what you are signing before you put your signature on that piece of paper since you'll want to look out for the following 4 things.

The Pet Policy

Even if you do not have a pet right now, there may come a time during the lease where you want to bring a furry friend into the unit. It's important that you understand what the pet policy is so that you are not caught off guard. Some apartments have restrictions on pets where they are not allowed at all. However, others have restrictions on how many pets you can have or what breeds of dog you are allowed to have. This is to prevent large or loud animals from living in the building and disturbing other renters. 

The Subletting Policy

Every wonder what would happen if you wanted to end your lease early? It may be from simply wanting to move before the lease is up, or that you buy a home and are ready to move in. Many apartment buildings have a clause in their lease about subletting, which is where you can rent out the apartment for the remainder of the lease to another tenant. Some apartment leases allow you to do this while others do not. If you are allowed to sublet, there may be requirements that you have to follow. For example, the new tenant must be screened by the landlord and sign a short-term lease through them. 

The Showing Policy

There will come a time when you do not renew your lease and move out. When this happens, your landlord will likely want to show the apartment to potential renters while you're still living in it. Make sure that you understand what the policy is for showing your apartment, such as when the showings can happen and how much notice your landlord must give. This is definitely one area where you don't want to be caught off guard. 

The Utilities Policy

Every apartment is different when it comes to what utilities are covered, and this should be defined in your lease. This is often the case with a central boiler and radiator-powered heating, which means heat and water are included in your rent. It should be very clear what is included and what is not so that you know what utilities you are responsible for. Contact someone in your area for more apartment rental information