Selling A Country Home: A Tips And Tricks

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If you're thinking about selling your home, a lot of the tips you're coming across are probably generic. It's not that those tips are bad, but they're not tailored to any specific type of home or market. Since homes in the city sell quite differently from those in the country, it is so important to take location into account when searching for home selling tips. Here are some tips that apply when selling a house in the country.

1. Hold an open house later in the evening.

An open house is essential when you are selling a house in the country since the homes are more spread out here, and people are less likely to just stumble upon your house when driving around. An open house will alert sellers about your home and cause them to make it a destination. When scheduling the open house, make sure you do it later in the evening ― 7:00 seems to be a good time. This gives people who work in the city or suburbs time to get home, re-calibrate, and drive out to you. 

2. Test the septic system and well. 

Chances are, your country home has a septic system. It may also be on a well rather than connected to public water. Buyers are going to be worried about these things since the septic tank and well are the responsibility of the homeowner. They might request testing, and you do not want the results of the test to be a surprise. So arrange to have the septic and well tested before you put the home up for sale. Potential buyers will appreciate being able to see the results of those tests.

3. Be open to dividing a large lot.

If you have more than, say, 5 acres, note that a lot of buyers may not want quite that much land. Be open to the option of subdividing the property. You could sell the house and a few acres to one buyer, and the rest of the land to another buyer. Often, you can actually earn more by selling your lot this way.

4. Include location details in the listing.

Since things are so spread out in the country, potential buyers are going to wonder how far your house is from certain sites. So put this in your ad! Include the distance to the nearest thruway entrance, as well as the distance to any major employers. This will keep buyers from having to look at a map, saving them time and helping to build their interest.

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