3 Things You Need To Know About Senior Apartments

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If you are reaching retirement age, between 55 to 65, and you are ready to downsize your home but not ready to move into an assisted living community any time yet, you may want to consider senior apartments. Senior apartments are apartment buildings where all the residents are around the same age group and are still able to take care of themselves.  

Senior Living Communities Have Age Restrictions 

If you live in a senior apartment building, there are going to be age restrictions concerning who can live with you. If you plan on taking care of your grandchildren in your retirement years, for example, a senior apartment would not be the right location for you because your grandchildren would not be able to live with you. This is not a space for young people; it is a space for adults. 

That being said, if you are married and your spouse does not mean the age requirements, you can usually get a waiver. For example, if the community if for people 55 and over, and you are 57 and your spouse is 50, they will give you a waiver that allows both of you to live in the senior living community together.  

Senior Apartments Have Social Activities 

Senior apartments are not just about living around people who are the same age as you; they are about hanging out with people in your age group as well. 

Many senior apartments have social events that you can attend within the facility. For example, they may host yoga every Wednesday in the recreational center, or they may put on a community potluck every month. The social events vary at each senior apartment, so you'll want to find an apartment that has events you enjoy engaging in. Your senior apartment should provide you with entertainment as well as a place to live.  

Senior Apartments Are Affordable 

Finally, senior apartments are designed to be affordable. Many senior apartments are rent-controlled and are also priced at rates that seniors who are living on a limited income can afford. If you are concerned about your finances as you age, senior apartments can be a great solution for you. You will be able to have a place to live that you can afford, and you can spend your money on improving your quality of life instead of having to spend all your money on your housing costs.  

If you are reaching retirement age, look into moving into a senior apartment community. You will be able to enjoy living around other people your age and will get to enjoy lots of social activities. You may also be able to reduce your house budget, giving you more money to enjoy your retirement with.