3 Rules For Finding Houses For Rent On Facebook

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Facebook is a social media website that looks poised to stand the test of time. As of 2016, it was the most popular social networking site in the world. It has more than 1.5 billion active users every month. If you are looking for a home anywhere in the country, it makes sense to go where so many people are. Real estate agents and landlords flock to Facebook to create posts about homes for rent, so it makes sense to look through this goldmine of home listings. Here are three rules for effectively finding homes for rent.

Rule #1: Search Local Real Estate Hashtags

Although hashtags started on Twitter, it didn't take long for Facebook to start making them searchable and usable on the Facebook website and app. One quick and easy way to find home listings is to search for local real estate hashtags on Facebook. You may also try looking up the name of the neighborhoods you want to live in or even the name of the city alongside "property" or "real estate listings" tags. Personal and business posts may pop up with links to real estate listings.

Rule #2: Join Local Groups and Other Targeted Groups

When you are seeking a home to rent, look for local real estate groups. There are likely at least a few in your area, and people living in or near big cities will likely find many. Try Facebook's graph search and click "groups" so that only groups that fit your search criteria show up. You may also ask local real estate agents whether they know of any online real estate groups and ask friends as well. Joining local real estate groups should give you direct access to home listings, and you may even have access to the landlord if they are posting about their own home.

Rule #3: Don't Gush or Give Away Personal Information in Comments on Listings.

You never know who will see a post that you make on Facebook. Even if you are commenting on a "friends only" post, people can easily screenshot or otherwise share your comment. If someone is making a listing for a property on Facebook, you may consider what their motivation is. They may be posting it for a friend who may be the owner of the home or the real estate agent. Therefore, it's very important to not gush about a home on the post and never give away personal information about why you are seeking a home. It's important to protect yourself as a potential tenant.

Finally, keep in mind that Facebook is a great place to be when you're looking for a home for rent. With endless listings on Facebook, you have your choice of a wide variety of local homes for rent. You may even find houses that you would not have discovered if you simply looked in the local area. Take your time to peruse the website and take a good look at the real estate listings in your area. You just may find your dream home on Facebook.

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