Lasting Luxury -- 6 Over-The-Top Amenities To Add To Your Dream Home

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If you're looking for your dream home, it may be easy to find a plethora of well-appointed kitchens, backyard pools, and garden tubs. But while these amenities may be fun, they can also be a little too cookie-cutter for anyone searching for a truly luxurious retreat from the world. If you're that person who wants more than just fancy real estate, here are 6 fabulous amenities guaranteed to take your breath away.

Indoor Water Features. What could be more relaxing than sitting beside your own bubbling brook or cascading waterfall? You don't have to go outside to enjoy the soothing sounds or sights of a water feature anymore. Waterfalls can be added to any room as a wall feature, while a small stream carved into a long room (such as the entryway or foyer) gives a focal point everyone can snuggle up to.

Rock Wall. If you're an avid adventurer, you're likely to enjoy having a home gym added to your house. But don't stop with weights and rowing machines. Instead, have a custom-designed rock wall built so that you can practice climbing no matter what the weather is like outside.

Screening Room. A home theater is nice, but a screening room takes it to the next level. Look for a home with a large basement or garage for a quiet space that can be easily converted into your own classic theater. Add two or three rows of theater seating, a popcorn station, and a bar to complete the look. 

Secret Rooms. If you want to evoke the thrill of having your own mansion or castle, adding a secret room or two is the perfect way to do it. The entrance should be hidden -- behind a pivoting bookshelf in the library or through a camouflaged door in the master bedroom -- and can lead to a private retreat filled with whatever makes you happy. Try creating a hidden man cave, reading nook, panic room, or private bathroom.

Expanded Wine Cellar. A temperature-controlled wine cellar is a must-have for any high-end home, but you can go a step farther by making it large enough to include a tasting room as well. Find a house with a large basement you can convert to meet the needs of your wine collection. Then, add a few small bars where guests can sit on tall stools or stand to enjoy tasting some of your favorite wines. 

Full Spa. If you like to soak in the bathtub or enjoy long showers, add even more opulence to your master bathroom by creating a full spa. You may want to include things found in any professional spa -- such as a jetted tub, steam room, sauna, multiple-head showers, and furnishings on which to relax. Look for a house with a large bathroom on an exterior wall, then consider replacing that wall with a folding glass door and adding a rock wall and greenery outside to help you commune with nature in your spa.

No matter what your taste and style is, you can find fantastic luxury home options these days that will help you create the real home of your dreams.