Neutrals And Home Sales

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You love bright colors and would like to paint your living room bright yellow, but you hesitate. For years, experts have recommended decorating your home in neutral colors in order to make it easier to sell. Beige, tan, and off-white are the preferred colors according to realtors. These colors may be safe but they are also less exciting than a bright yellow wall. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, do you need to keep everything neutral?


According to research, people react strongly and emotionally to color. A hue that you find peaceful or cheerful may trigger alarms in others. For instance, a bright green may seem fresh and happy to you but remind someone else of their dreaded fourth-grade homeroom. Neutral colors escape these emotional connotations, so they are less likely than other shades to bother or even irritate others. Even though potential buyers can paint the walls whatever they want once they buy your home, their initial emotional reactions seem to make a difference. They may not consciously realize why they do not like your residence.


You don't have to live in a boring home even if you are planning to sell it. The trick is to judiciously use neutral wall color while jazzing things up in other ways. Fortunately, neutral doesn't have to mean just beige, off-white, or tan: the three horsemen of the bland. Designers advocate using earth tones on your walls. They are also considered neutral but add a level of interest that lighter colors may not. For instance, try using espresso paint on the walls and lighten it up with pops of color in the form of pillows and curtains. Also, using shades of gray can be your saving grace. Gray walls are neutral but make a wonderful contrast to red lamps or even black accessories. In fact, you can use gray tones throughout your home, choosing pale grays for family rooms and richer, darker tones for your bedrooms. Add some white trim and you have a beautiful look that won't scare away potential buyers.

Real estate agents still swear that homes with neutral interiors sell better than those with bolder color schemes. Although neutrals may sound like a recipe for boring to you, they don't have to be. You can indulge your love of color through accessories and ban beige from your walls. Done correctly, you home can be beautiful and non-threatening. For more advice, contact companies like RE/MAX AEROSPACE REALTY.