Time To Purchase Your First Home? 4 Statements You Should Avoid In Front Of The Sellers

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If this is your first venture into the world of home-buying, you're probably excited. Don't let that excitement do you out of the house of your dreams. There are many seemingly innocent things you can say that just might hurt your chances of purchasing a home. Take a look at the list below. These are statements you should never make while you're out shopping for a new home.

The Price is Too High

When you're shopping for a home, it's important to remember that a lot of consideration went into the asking price. In most cases, a market analysis has been performed to ensure that the asking price is within the range of other comparable homes in the area. While the home might be priced higher than what you think it's worth, it's not necessarily priced too high for the current market. If you think the house is priced too high, wait until you're alone with the agent and ask them to try and negotiate a lower price.

I Can Totally Afford to Pay Full Price for This

It's helpful to know what your home-buying budget is before you start shopping. However, it's not helpful to let the sellers know what your home-buying budget is. Even if you could afford to pay cash for a home, never volunteer that information to the sellers. You want to have some leverage when it comes time to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

I Don't Need to Look Any Further

Even if you know you've found the home of your dreams, don't share that with the sellers. Telling a seller that they have your dream home will give them the opportunity to play hardball with the price. Why? Because they know that you're going to do whatever it takes to purchase their home. It's okay to tell them that it's one of your favorites, so far. This will let them know that while you like their home, you have other options available.

I'd Never Decorate Like This

The décor may be the worst you've ever seen, but don't tell the seller that. They may have put a lot of hard work into the details of their décor. Insulting their style may give them the reason they need to go with another buyer.

Now that you've entered the housing market for the first time, don't sabotage your chances of purchasing the home of your dreams. Use the tips provided here to avoid making statements that could jeopardize your house-hunting efforts. For other helpful tips, be sure to speak to your realtor, or contact a company like Mojica & Associates Real Estate