Creating The Perfect Showroom: 3 Ways To Prepare For An Open House

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To reel in interest on a property that you just listed on the real estate market, host an open house for potential buyers to get a glimpse of the life that they could have. An open house can provide valuable information to potential buyers. In fact, 48% of buyers use open houses as an information source to determine whether or not they are interested in a property. Your realtor will get most of the preparations, like advertising your home, done for you; however, you still need to put in some effort. Here are 3 things you can do to prepare for an open house.

Protect Your Valuables

Your realtor might recommend that you stay for the open house or leave depending on what works for him or her. Regardless of what you choose to do, don't expect the realtor to be able to keep an eye out on all of the guests that attend the open house. In fact, most of the time, he or she will be busy selling your house to potential buyers by answering questions pertaining to your house or by pointing out key features that are unique to your house.

This means that many rooms will be left unattended and unsupervised during this time. Even if you are present during the open house, your eyes can't be everywhere. As a result, it's important that you protect your valuables. Walk around your house and pick up any valuables you see. Store these valuables away during the open house to prevent theft. For example, you can keep them in a safe or in your car.

Remove Personal Items

Potential buyers want to envision a life in your house. In short, they don't want their visions interrupted by any personal items you might have lying around. Hide all the photographs, your children's drawings and other items.

You also want to make sure you don't have any letters or confidential and sensitive paperwork left lying around. For example, don't leave your credit card statement on the fridge like you normally do. These documents contain sensitive and personal information that can be easily stolen.

Offer Brochures or Pamphlets Outlining Key Features of the House

There's a good chance that potential buyers will be visiting numerous open houses in a day. This means that they may not necessarily remember all of the features that your house has to offer. Instead, they might only remember the features that they like. This can interfere with their ability to make an informed decision later on as to whether they should submit an offer for your property.

To make things easier for all parties, offer brochures and pamphlets that outline all of the key features your house possesses. This includes information like the amount of bedrooms available, the size of each room, whether any major repairs or renovations have been completed recently, whether there are any grocery stores or schools nearby and more. Don't forget to include photographs as well of the various rooms and architecture styling of the house.


An experienced realtor will get your property ready for an open house in no time. Still, you should put in some effort in cleaning your house and making it shine. With a little bit of effort, your house can look like a showroom and attract a lot of potential buyers. All you need is one person to make a sale.

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