3 Reasons You Should Have Your Home Inspected Before You Sell

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There are many things that go into selling your home, and having your home inspected by a building inspector should be one of them. While it's more common for potential buyers to pay for home inspections, there are many benefits you can enjoy in having the work done prior to putting your home on the market. Here are 3 reasons why you should take control and pay to have a building inspector come to your home before you sell it.

1. You increase buyer confidence

When you have your house inspected on your own, you can promote the value of your home more accurately to new buyers who are concerned about having to upgrade electrical systems or check for termite infestation, lead paint, and outdated plumbing. A positive inspection means that your home is in sound condition, which gives buyers more confidence in buying your home. A home inspection done by you as the seller may also give potential buyers the impression that you are an honest seller who has nothing to hide in the sale of your home, which can make your home a more favorable purchase.

2. You can know where to upgrade

The better condition your home is in, the higher asking price you can place on it when it hits the market. A building inspection will tell you clearly what should be updated in your home, be it copper plumbing, drafty windows, or other flaws that can turn potential buyers away. Any money you invest in repairing issues that your building inspector catches can be recouped in your asking price, and you can then promote the upgraded plumbing or energy-efficient windows as part of your positive selling points.

3. Buyers don't have to invest in a building inspection themselves

Perhaps the biggest benefit to having your home inspected prior to selling it is that buyers will immediately be drawn to the fact that they won't have to spend their own time and money in getting your home inspected on their own. Since a typical building inspection can cost upwards of $473, investing in a home inspection on your own can make your home look more favorable on the market. Not only can you prove your home has a structural clean bill of health, your potential buyers don't have to go through the work to have it done themselves.

Selling your home can be much easier if you opt to pay for a building inspection on your own. Buyers will appreciate not having to do it themselves and may have more confidence in buying your house over others. You can also make needed repairs (based off your inspection's results) to give your home greater selling appeal. Companies like Home Inspection Associate can provide additional advice on building inspections.