Tips For Securing Your Business

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Regardless of where your small business is located, you should be concerned with the safety of your building. Criminals will take advantage of weaknesses in your security at a moment's notice. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your business is as secure as possible.


A big part of securing your small business is ensuring that you are aware of where every key to your building is. Ideally, you should limit the distribution of your keys to only those employees who absolutely need access to the building when you are not available. You can also limit what areas the keys can open. For instance, you can have a separate key for the management areas of the business and a different key for the areas in which customers are serviced. By doing this, you limit employees' access to only the service areas of your building.

The doors to your business need to be constructed of a sturdy material that is not easily broken, such as metal. If your doors are composed of glass, consider replacing it with reinforced glass. A commercial locksmith can recommend locks that will work to secure your business.


Good lighting can be a deterrent to potential thieves. The exterior of your business needs to have lighting in the parking lot and exits and entryways. The interior of the business also needs lighting. One way to deter break-ins is to leave several interior lights on so that criminals are unable to determine if there is someone within the business or not. Consider placing motion detector lights around your business for added protection.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can not only help provide you with images of your building, but they can help protect vulnerable spots in your business. A well-placed camera spotted by a criminal can be a deterrent. There are a wide range of cameras available, including those fitted with motion detector sensors and night vision.


Ensure that your safe is fireproof and anchored. Stress to your employees the importance of locking up valuables when the business is closed. Limit which employees have access to the safes. Talk to the commercial locksmith about a time lock safe. When the safe is closed, it will remain locked until a time designated by you. It is imperative that when an employee who had access to the safe leaves your company that the combination is changed.

There are many other ways you can protect your building's interior and exterior. Consult with a commercial locksmith such as Irvine Lock & Key to gain more insight on securing your business.