Technology Can Help You Meet Property Management Objectives

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If you are responsible for residential property management, you should take a moment to consider whether or not you are using the best technology to ensure business productivity. Many people today rely on technology to find potential places to live, and some of your current tenants may also be paying attention to the convenience of living at the properties you manage. Choosing to invest in residential property management software can help to ensure that you meet the needs of current and prospective tenants. 

Property Tours

Investing in property management software is an excellent way for consumers interested in touring your property to schedule a visit. You can predetermine time slots that you offer scheduled tours; but keep in mind that, some prospective tenants may not be available during the time frames you set aside. Ensure there is a space on the contact form online for prospective tenants to make special scheduling requests.

You could also consider having a virtual tour area on your website. This would allow prospects to view your property online if they can't come look at the property in person. Consider opting for 360 visual tours, which simulate walking through each room within a unit or home. With many software options, you'll be able to upload fisheye or digital photos and then stitch them together to create one continuous picture.

Maintenance Appointments

If you require tenants to leave voicemail messages to schedule maintenance appointments, it can be frustrating for them to wait on a callback. In the event that a situation poses a threat to your property (e.g. flooding) or tenants' personal well-being, you'll need a system that is more efficient.

Ideally, tenants would be able to report maintenance issues immediately via an electronic device, and a back-up plan that initiates emergency phone calls to maintenance staff on duty should also be available. Using this type of maintenance monitoring software can aid in tracking maintenance tickets. You will also be able to identify which maintenance requests are truly emergencies.

Analyzing this data will help you determine whether you have tenants who are abusing the emergency reporting system, and you could end up saving money. For example, if you pay extra for maintenance staff or contractors to come to the property for repairs outside of normal business hours, you could change your policies to only cover the cost of emergency maintenance issues. Ensure that residents are aware that non-emergency issues will get resolved the next business day. 

Inventory and Billing

If you are relying on manual methods of tracking inventory and billing for your property, there is a possibility that you could run out of a product that you need. There is also a possibility that you are ordering too much of certain supplies. Property management software can be customized to remind you when orders need to be placed, and you can also track inventory to ensure that the supplies used by staff are not being stolen or misused. 

Integrating an option for your tenants to pay their rent online will aid in less manual paperwork for you. You will also be able to pull reports to track delinquent accounts rather than having to sift through files and receipts. A software or app development provider is the best resource to use for determining which property management solutions will aid you into being as productive as possible.