What to Do If a Tenant Says They Have Pests

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If one of your tenants has complained that they have rodents or insects in their apartment or condo, it is important that you do not ignore this complaint. Not only could it affect their own health, but other apartments in the community might also be experiencing this problem. Here are some tips for handling this type of situation.

Act Fast

First of all, make sure you act quickly. Pest problems tend to grow rapidly, which means even if only one tenant has a problem with them now, it could soon spread to other apartments. For example, if they have a cockroach problem, those cockroaches could smell food in other apartments and start making the rounds. This is the very last thing you want to happen. Stop those pests from moving any further.

Contact Other Tenants

One of the first things you should do if a tenant complains about pests is find out from your other tenants if they are also experiencing this problem. This helps you know the best method of treatment for your property, or if you only need to call out an exterminator for one apartment. You also don't have to ask them directly if they have a pest problem, as this can create somewhat of a panic situation. Simply let the tenants know you are checking on everyone to see if anything needs to be done or if they have problems to address. This can cause a few of them to mention the insects if they have become a problem.

Identify the Pests

You also need to know what type of pests are on the property. Not only should you find out exactly what pest it was, but how big of a problem. If there was an ant or two on a countertop, that could be taken care of very quickly. However, seeing multiple cockroaches on their floor or getting bites from bed bugs is another problem entirely.

Have a pest control company come out to identify the pests if you or the tenants were not able to identify exactly what type of pest was causing the problem. Identifying them can also help you prevent them from returning, such as advising all tenants to remove food from their countertops and keep trash cans closed to keep out ants and cockroaches.

Eliminate the Pests

Finally, call an exterminator like Two Rivers Investment to eliminate all pests. The type of pest will determine what the best course of action is. For mice or rats, you may need to set traps. For insects and smaller pests, a pest control company should be able to eliminate them. If bombing needs to be done for an entire building or the whole property, tenants will need to find another place to live temporarily. Some bug bombs only last a few hours, but others will last days. You may want to consider providing discount hotel rentals for tenants that need to stay somewhere else during the pest control treatment.