Three Signs A Landlord Is Going To Be A Good One

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When hunting for an apartment, it's important to pay attention to more than just the property you're thinking of leasing. You should also pay attention to the landlord's behavior during the apartment hunting and application process. After all, no one wants to deal with a landlord who is impossible to get a-hold of or refuses to do repairs. Here are three signs you can look for during the apartment hunting and application process that suggest a landlord is going to be reliable and responsible throughout your leasing period:

The landlord responds to your messages quickly.

You don't want to have to call your landlord six times about a burst pipe or leaking roof before he or she finally responds. If the landlord responds promptly when you call to make inquiries about the apartment or to ask questions about the application, you can expect that he or she also responds to tenants quickly. Be wary of a landlord that will not give you multiple pieces of contact information – for example, an email address and a telephone number.  This is a sign that he or she may be hard-to-reach in case of an emergency.

The landlord asks for detailed information before leasing to you.

Landlords with good reputations can afford to be picky about who they lease to. Thus, they will ask for a lot of information about potential residents. They'll want to talk to previous landlords, confirm that you're employed by the company you say you are, and see copies of your previous pay stubs. Landlords who don't ask for a lot of information might be those who are desperate to find any renter at all, since they have a bad reputation and the better tenants won't lease from them.

The landlord asks whether you have questions or concerns, and is happy to answer them.

When a landlord asks whether you have questions about the place or the lease, this shows that he or she really does care about your needs and concerns. The landlord should also answer your questions openly. Be wary of a landlord who wants to hurry you though a place without allowing you to ask questions, or one that makes excuses for not having answers to your questions. He or she might be hiding something, or at the very least, will not be obliging to your concerns once you are a tenant.

A landlord who asks for detailed information on the application, addresses your concerns thoroughly, and responds to phone calls and emails quickly is likely to be attentive and responsible once you rent from him or her. Keep an eye out for these elements as you visit various apartments, and make sure you rent from someone who displays them. To learn more, speak with a business like Bonita Terrace Apartments.