4 Ways For Pet Owners To Find Rental Apartments

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It can be incredibly difficult for pet owners to find a rental apartment -- especially in areas where the rentals are extremely sought after. If you're a pet owner who just loves their dog, cat or small animal, you may need to be aggressive to find a rental apartment that is right for you.

1. Contact a Property Management Company

Property management companies usually have a variety of listings, some of which will be in pet-friendly apartments. By contacting a property management company, you can be assured that they will find the listing that is most suited to you. Contacting individual owners may take substantially more time, because you'll need to contact them one by one. 

2. Offer a Pet Deposit

Some pet owners will find that individual owners can be swayed by a pet deposit. A pet deposit is usually returned to you if your pet does not do any damage. Other landlords may request a pet fee. A pet fee is like a small amount of rent that you pay to keep your pet -- the pet fee will not be returned to you, but it's usually rather small.

3. Look at Postings at Pet-Friendly Buildings

When looking for an apartment, you should know that whether the building itself is pet-friendly or not is usually determined by the association. So if the building itself is not pet-friendly, the landlord cannot allow pets even if they want to. Go to buildings you know to be pet-friendly and look for classifieds postings in their lobby. You can also look up the building on online classifieds. This gives you a higher chance of finding a unit that will be pet-friendly.

4. Post Your Own Classified

Post a 'seeking accommodation' classified listing your pets and information about yourself, in addition to the area that you're interested in and the amount that you want to pay in rent. While a landlord probably won't contact you directly, it's likely that you might get leads from property managers looking for new tenants and from other people who just happen to have seen listings fitting you. 

It won't hurt to have your prior landlord write you a letter of recommendation. Most landlords don't dislike pets -- they're just terrified that the pet will cause damage to their property. By getting a letter of recommendation, you can show that you and your pet are not going to cause them problems. To learn more, contact a company like Kimball Real Estate.