4 Hidden Problems Your Home Inspection Could Reveal

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Thinking about skipping a home inspection when purchasing your home? A home inspection isn't strictly required -- though an appraisal usually is -- but it can catch many issues that most homeowners or even seasoned professionals might mix. Here are just a few issues that will often be revealed during a home inspection.

1. Outdated Electrical Outlets

If a property was built more than a few decades ago, it may have outdated electrical work such as non-grounded outlets. In this situation, you will usually need to bring the property up to code if it's going to be safe. Electrical problems can rarely be noticed by those who are not skilled in electrical work, especially if everything seems to be working.

2. Signs of Flooding

If a property has flooded in the past, it's very likely to have lingering problems such as mold or structural problems. This is why home inspectors are trained to identify signs of flooding. Ideally, the person who is selling the home should have outlined any issues that happened and what they did to correct the problem. However, foreclosures may not have any past data to include, so you may be walking in blind. 

3. Roof and Gutter Issues

Most people won't go up and climb on the roof of a home to identify problems. And even if you do go up there, you might not be able to recognize a problem that does exist. However, a home inspector can tell you whether there will need to be significant maintenance or repairs on the roof. Roofs can be very costly to fix and can even cause damage to the rest of the home. 

4. Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can be incredibly costly and you might not notice the telltale symptoms of a plumbing issue on a simple walk through. A home inspector knows exactly how to check for leaks and what types of plumbing will cause more problems down the line. They can also test out things such as whether the hot water heater seems to be working properly and whether the water pressure overall is as it should be. 

You should always be present during a home inspection so that your home inspector can explain things to you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You might also want to ask your home inspector to specifically check the foundation and the roof, as these are the areas that may have the most problems. (For more information, contact Taylor Made Inspections)