What To Do If You Lose The Combination For Your Home Safe

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A small home safe, whether to protect documents and valuables from fire or from intruders, can quickly become too secure if you forget the combination. You have two options to get into your safe if you lose the combination.

Option #1: Contact the Manufacturer

Most manufacturers keep factory combinations on file. If you have changed the combination, the manufacturer may have a reset code available that you can use with your safe model. The methods for securing a new combination or reset code vary between manufacturers, so you will need to contact them to find out the specific details. Generally, you will need to provide the following information to get the code or combination for most safes:

  • The full serial number from the safe.

  • Verification of ownership. Usually, a purchase receipt or a completed verification form filled out by local law enforcement or licensed locksmith is sufficient.

  • Copies of your photo ID.

The safe company may also provide a request form for you to fill out. You may need to get the form notarized before you can make a combination or reset request.

Option #2: Call in a Professional

In some cases, a locksmith may be able to get into your safe. Keep in mind, sometimes this process is invasive and will render the safe temporarily useless, but it can be worth it if you can't wait for a manufacturer reset. The method used to open the safe depends on whether the safe uses an electronic or mechanical lock. Drilling an electronic lock usually requires a full lock replacement afterward, while a mechanical lock can be drilled in a manner that only requires a repair to the original mechanism.

You will need to select a licensed locksmith that is experienced in opening safes. They may be able to speed up the process for getting the reset code with some manufacturers, which will allow you to get into the safe more quickly and with no damage. Otherwise, they may need to drill out the lock in order to gain access. If the locksmith must drill the lock, they can usually repair it so that it will be as good as new within a few days.

Once you safe is open and you have the combination in hand, take some time to place it in a secured but accessible location. Keeping a copy of the combination in your safe deposit box helps ensure that you aren't locked out again. Talk to your local locksmith, such as Lincoln Lock & Safe, for more information.