Five Person Team Strategy For Packing And Moving In A Hurry

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If you have to move quickly, there are some ways to get the job efficiently with less stress, This plan requires 2 friends to help you pack up, and 2 strong people to move heavy items in and out of the truck. The moving people may only be needed for a few hours, and if you need to hire them, having your friends help you pack and dissemble things will save you a lot of money.

Packing A Necessary Bag

Pack an overnight bag with a couple days' clothes, socks, and underwear, necessary toiletries/medicines, a couple rolls of TP, and a towel and wash cloth to go in your car, not the moving truck.

Enlisting Help

Call your friends and relatives, explain the situation, and work on getting at least 2 people to help you pack. You are going to need a kitchen & bathroom person, utility & living area person, and you will be the bedroom person. You will want to take care of your bedrooms because of the personal stuff they may contain, and you need to be able to drop what you are doing to handle situations as they arise. The utility & living room helper should be the most tech-savvy person you know.

If you have any extra friends show up, you can have one pack books and games (this is a good job for a kid), one to take pictures and wall ornaments down and wrap, and one to patch holes in walls and do cleaning.

Gathering Supplies

At a moving supply store (such as Route 37 Self-Storage) you will want to buy:

  • Small boxes for your CDs and other fragile stuff

  • Medium sized boxes for books and other heavy stuff.

  • Large boxes for bulky items.

  • Packing Paper.

  • Some bubble wrap.

  • Some tough packing tape – at least a roll for each helper.

You will want to rent:

  • A hand dolly and a utility dolly for moving appliances, unless the moving people are bring them.

  • Stair roller if there are stairs.

  • Furniture pads and blankets.

  • A moving truck.

At a large discount store you will need to buy:

  • Black, Red, and Blue permanent markers.

  • Utility knife.

  • Small and large zipper-top bags.

  • Plastic Garbage bags in the extra-large size. Be sure to get these in a different color than you normally use for garbage.

  • Paper plates, plastic cups and silverware.

  • Drinks and snacks for you and your helpers.

You will need to gather some tools:

  • Claw hammer

  • Flat head screw driver

  • Philips head screw driver

  • Digital or cell phone camera

  • Scissors

Arranging For Help

The markers are used to write a couple of words on the boxes about the contents.

The kitchen/bath person needs the black markers, packing tape, something to wrap dishes and glassware with, and some medium boxes. If you have a collection of plastic store bags, these can be used for the dishes. This person will need garbage bags and large boxes for towels and kitchen appliances. He/she could also use the towels and wash clothes to protect certain items.

The living room/utility area person needs the blue markers and boxes of all sizes. This person will need the tools for taking apart electronics, computer systems, and disconnecting appliances. He/she will need use of your digital camera to take pictures of appliance cords and connectors as they are before they are taken apart for moving, so you can refer to them when you are settling in your new home. This person also needs the zipper bags to keep track of screws and other hardware.

You need the red markers, some boxes, tape, and the large garbage bags for covering over bundles of clothes on hangers. Make each bundle light and easy to carry. You can also use them for bedding and other soft items.

Filling the Truck

As your team members are packing up and dissembling things, the moving staff/helpers could make a first trip to a charity thrift store to drop off furniture, old electronics, and other items you don't need anymore. After that, they could start filling the truck with the furniture and large appliances. Put your bed and kitchen table and chairs last so they can come out first. Then you and your team can help the moving persons take out the packed items.

Unpacking At the New Place

Have your bed, kitchen chairs, and table set up first in your new place. You will want to be able to sleep comfortably your first night, and you and your friends will want to be able to sit down and eat as well while unpacking. If your friends are still up for it, they could continue their jobs in reverse order in your new place.

It would be a good idea to treat your helpers with a bucket of chicken or some pizza and some cold beverages at your new place, and pledge to help them out if they ever have to move.