What Is A Flying Ant?

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Finding a trail of ants or swarm of fruit flies in your house is bad enough, but what about ants with wings? They do exist and they can be very frustrating to deal with. Flying ants, also called winged ants, are typical ants except they have wings. These ants are either male ants or queen ants. All queen ants have wings until they mate, then their wings fall off. Male ants will continue having their wings until they mate, after which they die. If you have fling insects in your home that look like ants, here is what to do about it.

Identifying the Flying Ants

Before you start trying to get rid of them, you will need to inspect the flying ants to be sure this is what they are. Flying ants resemble termites due to their small size. You know it is a flying ant if its two pairs of wings are different in their shape and size, and have more of a pinched waist. Termites have a rounded waist that isn't pinched in the center, and their wings are nearly identical in size and shape. You can also tell flying ants from termites because the ants will have hind wings that are smaller than their front wings.

You also know they are flying ants and not another flying insect because of how they swarm in very large numbers. They come into your home looking for a new place to infest, so you will see a large quantity of them at one time.

Getting Rid of Them

If you notice flying ants in your home, these tips will help you get rid of them:

Seal off the entry points – Try to find where the ants are coming in and seal it off. This doesn't kill the ants already in your home, but it will prevent any more from coming in. Check your windows to see if any screens have holes in them. Also check crevices and cracks in the home and caulk them to prevent flying ants and other pests from coming in.

Find their nest – The flying ants will have a nest somewhere underneath your home. If you are able to trace their movement to their nest, you will be able to kill them all right from there.

Use borac acid – Boric acid is a natural product that is safe for children and pets, and non-toxic. It is a very good product to use for killing flying ants. Spray this into the nest if you have found it, and around the entry points you found. For good measure, spray all other entrances into your home as well.

Preventing Them

You will be much better off if you can prevent the infestation altogether. The best way to do this is by keeping a clean house and not leaving behind any open containers, pet food, or crumbs. Even if you have a clean home, leaving a dish out with your dog's kibble could attract these flying pests. Try to control your pet's eating habits and remove the dish to be cleaned after every meal.

Call in a pest control professional such as Garrie Pest Control if you are still struggling with getting rid of the flying ants in your home.