Raccoon Problem? How To Persuade Raccoons To Leave Your Property

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If you have a bunch of raccoons that have been seen around your property, you may be concerned about the damage that they may inflict to your home and belongings. Here are some ideas that you can try to keep raccoons away from your home, saving it from any unnecessary damage.

Remove All Food Sources

Raccoons will not stick around in an area where they cannot get food. If you remove all potential food sources, they will most likely move on to the next home to try and find something to eat.

If you have any outdoor pets, make sure to take up their food at night when it is unattended. Raccoons enjoy eating dry dog and cat food, so making sure it is not readily available will help keep the raccoons from looking for it in the food bowls.

Do not leave your garbage cans outdoors. Lock them in a shed or in your garage in between your garbage pick up days. Should you leave it out when you have a raccoon problem, you will most likely be picking garbage up all over again from around your property. Raccoons have fingers and are able to pry lids off of cans easily. It is best to leave them out of the way so they are not tempted at all to try and get inside.

Water Sources

Another thing that keeps raccoons in your yard is the ease of a water source. If you have water available, the raccoons will stay. Cover any fish ponds and bird baths so that raccoons will not be able to use them as a drinking area. If you have a hot tub, make sure this is covered, as well. Keep your fence locked around your swimming pool to keep raccoon from entering to get a drink.

In The Garden

If you have a garden, raccoons will try to eat your vegetation. Get some fencing and enclose your garden from these pesky creatures. Use cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce and mix it with water to place inside a spray bottle. Use this to spray on your plants so that they do not get eaten.

Around The Home

You should place a cap on top of your chimney so that raccoons will not be tempted to try and enter the home. Check the rest of the outside of your home to make sure that there are no apparent entry ways where raccoons will be able to slide inside your home. Some areas to check would be on the roof area, under eaves, along the foundation, near crawlspaces and basements. Repair any areas wear holes are noticeable.

If Nothing Works

If you still have a raccoon problem after trying the above methods, call a professional to have them removed. In most areas, killing raccoons is not allowed, so a professional would be needed to try and trap raccoons to remove from your property. You could try using raccoon traps yourself, but you risk injury if you get bit or scratched. Since raccoons carry disease, having a professional handle this situation would be the desirable alternative.

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