There Are Different Kinds Of Carpet Cleaning Processes

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No matter how beautiful your carpet is, it is going to get dirty. Just walking on it means that dirt is going to collect on it. Areas that get high traffic are going to get dirty even quicker. If you want your carpet to look as good as new, there are things that you need to do. One of them is to make sure that you clean up any things like spills or mud as soon as possible. You can just wipe them up, or you can use a spot cleaner to make sure that the dirtiest spots are kept clean. Another way to keep your carpet looking nice is to have it cleaned regularly, about once a year, such as by Five Step Carpet Care. There are several cleaning processes that you can choose from. 

1. Dry cleaning: With dry cleaning, no liquid is used to clean your carpet. There are different kinds of cleaners that can be put on your carpet. One of them is a foam that can be sprayed on it. Another is an absorbent powder. Once these things are applied to your carpet, they will stay on them for a little while. That will let them work on the dirt on your carpet. After they have set on the carpet for a while, a large vacuum will suck the cleaner up as well as the dirt. That vacuum might also have a brush in it to help loosen things up and make it easier to get rid of the dirt. 

2. Low moisture cleaning: Sometimes this process is also referred to as dry cleaning. However. it really isn't. It does use water to help get your carpet clean. It just uses less water than other methods. A liquid cleaner is sprayed on your carpet, and water is used to help it work and to rinse it off. That lifts the dirt up and lets a suction hose suck it up and get rid of it. One big advantage of this process is that it is a faster process. It cleans quicker and it dries quicker than other methods.

3. Steam cleaning: This is also called hot water extraction. That's because hot water or steam is very important in the cleaning process. The hot water gets sprayed on to your carpet. Included in that hot water is a cleaning solution. Then a large suction hose is used. It gets all the cleaner and the water out of your carpet as quickly as possible. This method takes longer to apply and will take longer to dry. You will have to be careful with your carpets while they are wet. The carpet cleaning company may provide things like paper that can be used for paths to walk on. That keeps dirt off the carpet while it is drying. 

You want your beautiful carpet looking beautiful as long as possible. Getting it cleaned yearly can help it looking that way.