Moving To Pittsburgh: The Home Of Zombies, Gotham City, And Zealous Sports Fans

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Moving to Pittsburgh is exciting, and if you've recently bought real estate in the city (the place where George A. Romero crafted the very first tale of zombie lore with Night of the Living Dead) you're in for a treat. With traditions as old as its beginning, sports fans who are proud and devoted to their teams, and a list of treasured classics that have found their origins in the city (for example, Pittsburgh is the actual neighborhood in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), Pittsburgh is a great place to visit. If you're moving into your Pittsburgh home in the near future (or even just considering the move), continue reading to learn about the endless opportunities to engage yourself in within the city (and some fun facts about your future home along the way):

Visit the Locations of Your Favorite Blockbusters

If you're a big fan of Hollywood, celebrities, and gripping movie blockbusters, you're headed to the right city. Not only is Pittsburgh the birthplace of Romero's zombies, but it's likely that some of your favorite movies were also filmed there-- whether they're older classics or newer thrillers. If you're a comic book fan, you'll have a great time exploring the locations featured in The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. If chick flicks are more your style, you might be interested in spending the day where actors filming The Fault in Our Stars once tread.

With many movies filmed in the city and many more on the horizon, Pittsburgh is the perfect place (outside of Hollywood itself) to jump right into the action of the silver screen. As you make your way through town, keep your eyes open-- you'll never know who you might see or what production you'll find yourself in the middle of filming.

Rooting on the Local Teams

If there's one thing Pittsburgh dwellers are serious about, it's their numerous sports teams. From the six Superbowl wins by the Steelers in football to the thousands of individuals who show up to each Penguins hockey game in the Fall, Pittsburghers will stick by their team throughout highs and lows. Within this loyal sports culture comes a compelling true story of how the Pirates baseball team acquired their name:

Beginning as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, the baseball team worked behind the scenes to get their hands on a great player from Philadelphia. While the process was legally and technically allowed, the Philadelphia team expressed outrage when they heard of the stolen player, leading to name calling in the media. The Pittsburgh Alleghenys accepted the new name they had been given by Philadelphia, and soon became the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1981.

As you reside in the city and begin plan a visit to a Pittsburgh sports game, be warned: you're about to meet some of the most dedicated fans on the planet.