How To Deal With A Beehive Attached To Your House

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Bees can set up hives on the side of your house, underneath your porch, and even inside your attic.  If you have noticed bees, then you should take steps to have them removed. While not all bees will sting you, some might. Also, you might not have bees at all, but rather hornets.

The following information will help you understand the risks involved in having a hive attached to your home and how you can have it removed.

Bees Get A Bad Rap

The first thing to understand is that bees are not that likely to sting you. Honeybees are busy making honey. Some people think that bees are very dangerous, but unless you have an allergy, then you should not be too worried.

Of course, you don't want a beehive on your home. It can be a nuisance. And there is the chance that you will get stung. So you should have it removed.

Are You Sure It's A Bee?

Sometimes people think they have bees when they really have hornets. Wasps are more aggressive than bees. People are much more likely to be stung by a yellow jacket than they are a bumblebee or honeybee.

The stings feel the same, and really, who wants to get up close to a hive and check it out? Even professionals wear protective gear when getting up close. This is why you should never walk up and touch a hive. You won't know for sure that its bees and not yellow jackets until it is too late.

Not Too Keen About Spraying Poison Around Your Home?

If you've ever been in a home improvement store, you will have seen cans of wasp spray. This is a poison that is meant to kills wasps. You have to stand near the hive and spray it at them.

There are a few problems with this. The first is that the spray can drift back into your face if there is a heavy wind. Remember, this stuff is poison. You don't want to breathe it.

The second problem is that the wasps might come flying out and you stand the chance of getting stung.

Also, if you really only have honeybees, then there is no reason to kill them. There are people who will come to your house and take them away!

Who Would Want To Take Bees?

Beekeepers! The people who tend to beehives and produce honey need healthy bees. They have to get bees from somewhere. Often times the people who remove bees sell them to beekeepers. Sometimes the people who remove the hive are themselves beekeepers. There are many people who specialize in bee hive removal.

When you contact a company like ASAP Bee Removal for bee removal they will come to your place and determine if you have bees or wasps. If you have bees, they will remove them. They usually do this with a vacuum. Remember, they want to keep the bees alive because bees are sold to bee keepers.