2 Important Steps To Take When Remodeling A Basement

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If you would like to have extra living space in your house and have a basement, you could transform this area into usable space. Before you can do this, you will have to have some work done, especially if your basement has water leaks. While you may not have the need to carpet and drywall the space, you may want to at least make the area look nice and you can do this by completing these two steps.

Waterproof the Walls

If your basement is prone to having water in it, or even if it is prone to high levels of moisture, you must get it waterproofed before going any further with your project. Basement waterproofing is a service that will close off all leaks, and this will prevent water from entering in.

Waterproofing generally involves placing a black substance over all the concrete walls in the basement. This substance seals the concrete making it waterproof. There may be other steps needed during the waterproofing process too, including:

  • Installing a sump pump – this is a device that pushes water away from a house
  • Sealing the floors – if water leaks through the floors, they may need to be sealed.
  • Building up the exterior perimeter of house – if water is leaking through the walls around your house, it might be because the ground level is not high enough.

Clean the Floors

The next step is to finish the floors in your basement. Basement floors are made of poured concrete, and finishing them requires:

  • Deep cleaning – a company can come to your home and clean your basement floors with a machine. The machine scrubs them and leaves them clean and smooth.
  • Painting – if you do not want carpet in your basement, you could just leave the floors concrete. Plain concrete does not always have the best look to it, but you can easily change this by painting the floors with epoxy paint.
  • Finishing the floors – if you prefer to have a material other than concrete but do not want carpet, you could instead put down ceramic tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring.

You can always place area rugs in the room for extra cushioning and for looks. You could also finish the ceiling in this room by spray painting the entire thing, or by installing a drop ceiling.

These are some simple ideas to help you create usable living space in your basement. If you are interested in doing this and would like a quote for services, start by contacting a company that offers basement waterproofing services. To learn more, contact a company like Commonwealth Moisture And Mold Specialists LLC with any questions or concerns you might have.